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Topiroxostat in Gout and hyperuricemia - Q & A

Author : Dr. Prabhakar M Sangolli

Publisher :ChanRe Publishers



Category : Medicine

Gout was once considered a relatively rare condition in India. However, recent reports indicate increasing prevalence of the condition in the country, which could be attributed to increased affluence or may be due to increased diagnosis. The presentation of increased uric acid level without arty clinically relatable problem (hyperuricemia) is often misdiagnosed as gout. In the current book, which is a part of the Q&A series, I have tried to address the dilemma often faced in real-time clinical scenarios with reference to the diagnosis of gout and hyperuricemia, and the current concepts in its diagnosis and management. Currently, very few drugs are available for the management of gout or increased uric acid levels. Topiroxostat is a new molecule introduced in India for treating gout and hyperuricemia. The drug is available for more than a decade in certain south-east Asian countries. In the Q&A format, the place of topiroxostat in the management of gout and certain other conditions has been discussed. Hope the book can help in improving your knowledge on the management of gout and using the new molecule in the right perspective.

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