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Tofacitinib In Ulcerative Colitis - Q & A

Author : Dr. Chandrashekara S.

Publisher :ChanRe Publishers




Category : Medical Neuroscience

DescriptionThe book focuses on the use of tofacitinib in the management of ulcerative colitis (UC). The book may serve as a clinical guide to assist healthcare professionals for using the drug safely and effectively, thereby to improve the prescription practice. In the past one decade, tofacitinib has emerged as a potent target synthetic DMARD for managing RA. Recent trials have proven its effectiveness in UC. The availability of the generic form in global markets has improved its accessibility and clinical use. The drug, though very effective in the management of several autoimmune conditions, has narrow therapeutic-to toxicity-ratio. The drug needs to be prescribed with caution. There are set guidelines and pre-introduction evaluation of the drug for safety and probable adverse events. The guidelines and recommendations provided in this book may help to clarify the uncertainties related to tofacitinib prescription. To improve the patients' compliance, it is critical that the physician provides all the necessary information to the patient. Additionally, the clinician should have thorough knowledge on managing special circumstances, including drug-related complications. The content includes a brief introduction of the drug, followed by questions and answers explaining different clinical scenarios. The author has attempted to address almost all plausible clinical scenarios involved in the UC management using tofacitinib.

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